Thursday, December 06, 2007

Erlang Style Concurrency

In this comp.lang.functional thread, Ulf Wiger sums up Erlang style concurrency in the following 7 points :
1 lightweight actors
2 (conceptually) no shared memory between actors
3 (conceptally) copying asynchronous message passing
4 distribution transparency
5 scoped message reception (selective receive)
6 process monitoring, enabling "fail-fast" programming with supervision structures for error recovery
7 cascading exits, e.g. through process linking

He also goes on to discuss the importance of each of the above features for implementing scalable, robust, distributed systems with high concurrency.

The thread discusses synchronous versus asynchronous message passing, pros and cons of selective receive and how the message passing model differs between Erlang and O'Haskell. A good read for heavy duty concurrency aficionados !

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