Thursday, June 14, 2007

How do you define a Programmer ?

Stu writes :
I want to live in a world where language preference does not define a programmer. We'll write code in Ruby, or Scheme, or Scala, or Erlang. And we can all live in harmony on a JVM anywhere.

Wishful thinking! Add to this list .. Groovy, Scala and of course Java. I am sure this calls for a big change in the dynamics which control the programmer hiring and project staffing ecosystem today. And spare a thought for the team who will maintain all these codes many years after they have been written, refactored and refactored mercilessly.

Where are we headed to ?

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zproxy said...

In the future every developer has the ability to code in his own language, and tweaking it to produce the right code is fairly trivial - thats the future :)